Since 2014, IKAZZ has woven warmth into fashion: always cruelty-free, always vegan, always ethical.

After witnessing the harsh realities that ducks and geese suffer for down jacket business, IKAZZ's founder sought a kinder path to puffer parka & coats.

Our journey starts from Thermolite® vegan down, lighter and warmer than animal fur, easily machine-washed and waterproof. We make sure our puffer jackets are cruelty-free during every step of production. We say goodbye to animal by-products.

It's our mission to deliver the warmth that will last. We hope that the warmth we bring to everyone can last for long, both for people and for our planet.

IKAZZ vision

Helping people embrace themselves and be themselves

For 10 years, IKAZZ has provided the best winter coat for women. Our fashion goes beyond looks—it boosts your confidence and charm. Using unique fabrics and designs tailored for diverse body shapes, we empower you with fashion choices that resonate with your true self.

Wearing IKAZZ packable puffer isn't just about style; it's about embracing yourself.

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Loving nature isn't just a fleeting trend, it's our core. Harming animals isn't just out of style—it's never been in our playbook.

From day one, IKAZZ believed that fashion shouldn't come at the expense of our furry friends. Instead of animal by-products, our entire puffer parka is woven from innovative, cruelty-free fabrics. This commitment to nature isn't just a statement—it's our brand's heartbeat. As seasons change, our dedication remains unwavering.

We're proud to lead the way in fashion that truly cares about animals & nature.



Providing good-designed outwear to fit women well, turning self-doubt into confidence and charm.


Refining design for all body types, exploring alternatives for down and fur, we ensure you're always in fashion with cutting-edge styles.


With a deep love for animals & planet, we uphold sustainability in every step of production, creating a greener tomorrow.