The new fibers were discovered by the scienist from Dupont which is durable and good warm performance with lightweight. It is a kind of special hollow fiber which similar to the villus of polar bear with an excellent warm-keeping performance. Every fiber keeps more air in it and become an air protection layer, this layer keeps the cold air outside and exhaust the moisture.

Lightweight :
With good resilience Designed with 3D hollow structure bring high filling power and resilience.

Water resistant:
Distinguished from duck/goose down or other filling, Thermolite® repels water and dries quickly.

Heat keep:
The yarns absorb the NIR rays to raise the temperature of the garment, while the system’s integrated high-quality insulation traps air, and minimizes heat loss, to help optimize performance in freezing temperatures.

3D Hollow structure brings high fillin power with good resilience and soft hand feeling for Thermolite®FL-1 vegan down which is close to 90% real down and better than ordinary fake down products.


Thermolite NIR ball is an ultralight, highly resilient and compressible synthetic ball-shaped insulation alternative to down. Unlike duck/ goose down or other traditional insulation, Thermolite NIR ball repels water and dries quickly to keep phenomenonal warmth in cold and wet conditions.