Faux survival  Guide

Faux survival Guide

Both online and offline stores know that preparing for winter early enough can be rewarding. So it is becoming a tradition to stock enough cotton jackets to prepare to meet the demand when winter starts setting in. But one thing that is currently is becoming common is that people do not just want to keep themselves warm during  the winter but  want to do it in a style.  They want to keep warm but impact least on the environment and animals.  Perhaps it is the reason why everybody is talking about faux jackets.

Faux fur is manufactured to imitate real animal fur. However, it is made of processed synthetic materials, which is then dyed and cut into small pieces that closely resemble the real fur.

To create faux fur, one needs to cut fibers from monomers and polymers and combine them under extreme pressure before coloring by soaking them in a dye. Some cotton or wool may hold the faux fur together by weaving, knitting, and tufting.  The final product is then treated to enhance its texture and achieve consistency.  Thus, the final product- which is the fake fur is then used to make the protective jackets to adorn when the temperature falls.  Read on to understand why it is becoming fashionable to wear faux fur.

Faux Coats Don’t Hide Anything.

When you wear puffer coats, you hide the best parts of your body underneath the garment. So it may not be easy for women to display the curves that define them. However, the story is different for women who wear faux fur coats.

The coat covers the body, keep it warm and enhance your appearance. A long fake coat will protect your undergarment while making you look stylish.

Removes The Guilty Of Wearing Real Fur

Many brands are ditching animal fur for fake fur because it is no longer fashionable to torture birds and animals to extract the fur which you can easily obtain from natural materials.  In addition, vegans are up in arms against killing innocent animals for food or for any other reason. So to support their cause, consider wearing alternative down jackets.  It reduces animal suffering while providing the warmth you need during the cold winter.

Faux Jackets Match Other Wears

Unlike real fur jackets, you can wear fake fur jackets with any other wear. The jackets look better with jeans and can be paired with metallic jewelry, band tees, boots and denim.  Also, if the jacket does not feature a hood, you do not need to let your head get cold. You can wear a faux jacket with matching hats, capes or anything that can cover your head to keep the winter cold at bay.

Faux Far Isn’t Fake After All

One of the reasons why real fur is being faced off the market is that many users have discovered that faux fur isn’t fake after all. Faux is manufactured from plastic fibers under high pressure and temperature. In some cases, manufacturers use faux fur in other products which they erroneously label as real fur. The impact is that consumers buy and use faux fur coats without knowing. However, they are warm and still serve the purpose. So why take these long cuts when we can embrace faux products and save animals from torture?

It Is Affordable

A faux down coat will serve the purpose of keeping you warm when it gets cold. But, faux coats are not just affordable but can be found everywhere. Faux fur is made of microfibers which are easy to manufacture hence the reduced prices. But the real fur can only be extracted from animals and birds, which are becoming difficult to find. This makes the price of real fur coats unaffordable and will provide the same comfort you get from real fur coats.

They Are The Ethical Alternatives

There is a shortage of real fur coats on the market. However, you can easily find cheap and ethical faux coat alternatives in both online and offline stores. Also, environmentalists and vegan groups are up in arms against killing and torturing birds to extract fur, so faux fur is the best ethical alternative you can ever get on the market and which will keep you warm when temperatures fall.  

You can Use Faux Coats Even In Wet Conditions

Real fur coats are warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, you may not use the jackets when it is raining. They easily soak and get ruined. Also, it takes a lot of time to dry real fur.  However, the story is different when it comes to faux. It is made from synthetic materials, and so snow and rain cannot damage it.


Of course, we are made to believe that real fur is better than the alternative faux. But when we look at the benefits of using real far vis-à-vis those of using faux, we will be better off using faux-filled coats. It eliminates cruelty to birds and animals.