Why Down-Alternative Jackets

Why Down-Alternative Jackets

People consider natural down jackets as the best quality they can ever get on the market. There are some good reasons for this, though. Firstly, when down is used to fill the jacket, it provides the highest level of insulation because it has the best insulating features and will keep the wearer warmer throughout. Secondly, down is light and compresses well. It makes it easier to roll it into tight spaces. However, you do not need to limit yourself to natural down if you are looking for a jacket to buy. There are great down alternative jackets you may consider.

The alternative down-filled jackets are warm and comfortable. They are convenient and will keep you warm during the colder winter season. Thus, alternative jackets are quickly replacing the natural down jackets because they are cheap and will provide the same warmth. Also, they can be used when it is wet. 

Down refers to the soft layer of fine feathers harvested from a duck or goose. It is soft but does not have a quill shaft that you will always feel when you touch the outer part of the bird's feather. Down is a good insulator and traps air to prevent loss of heat. They are, thus, a popular filler material used in jackets to keep them warm. 

But the problem is that down is picked from slaughtered birds or plucked from live birds. The habit of plucking feathers makes the birds lead a miserable life. Besides, they at times go through a painful death. So, everybody, including environmentalists, is up in arms against the act, which they consider unnecessary. 

With the kind of technology we have, we can still make stylish and warm coats without the cruelty we subject the birds or animals to when extracting the fur. We can use synthetic materials that are equally superior in quality, but which can serve you even in wet conditions. Also, such materials will serve you for a longer period than the feathered down. What’s more is that the animal or bird's feathers lose their fluffiness after a short period.

The cruelty we subject birds to when obtaining the fur is one of the reasons driving down coats out of the market. Instead, they are getting replaced with faux coats, which are the best alternatives in the market. They are synthetic fibers obtained from plants, so you do not need to subject birds to further cruelty.

The synthetic faux down was invented and is patented in the United States. Initially, it was meant to provide the American servicemen with sleeping bags and clothing that do not lose insulation when wet. Also, the goal was to develop material that is light, soft, compressible and supple. They also wanted something lightweight, packable and less bulky. 

Synthetic is abundant, so it is easier to manufacture the alternative down materials to use in coats. Therefore, there is no reason why people should continue subjecting animals and birds to unnecessary torture in order to obtain something that they can get without struggling. Here are reasons why you should go for synthetic down.

Easier To Get the Desired Fill

The down fill determines the fill power or the amount of space an ounce of down will occupy. A higher fill power enhances the insulation properties of the coat. If you live in warmer environments, a 400-600 fill is sufficient to keep you warm during the night, and if you live in a colder region, a 600-800 fill is considered great. However, people living in a freezing temperate areas must adorn coats with a fill level of 800+. Since down alternatives are easier to get, it is easier to have a more densely fill to provide maximum warmth for anyone living in cold and freezing climates. 

The Allergy Issue

The natural down is made from features that cause allergic reactions. Also, down feathers can trap pet dander, skin cells and dust mites to cause further allergic reactions. 

Easier To Clean

Down coats are difficult to fill. In addition, you should wash them using a machine to get the best results. Also, ensure to wash the coat with non-chlorine bleach and mild detergent. In some cases, if you do not use dryer balls, you are likely to have lumps formed on your coat. However, this will not be the case if your coat is filled with faux down. They are machine washable and can be washed with cold water and mild detergent. 

You Can Use Them in Varying Weather Conditions

When you buy a coat, it should serve you for a longer period. Also, it should perform superbly even in wet conditions. Unfortunately, this may not be the case with the traditional filling. They will last for a longer period, alright, but will lose their warmth when they get wet. 

The Cost  

The cost of natural down is high because of the way the material is sourced. Typically, down is sourced from a wildfowl which is a more expensive material. Therefore, the naturally filled down coats are likely to cost more. But down alternative is made from synthetic materials that are easy to manufacture, thus, rendering them more affordable.