How to Wash Waterproof Winter Jacket

How to Wash Waterproof Winter Jacket

Buying a waterproof jacket is a must for people who spend most of their time outdoors. Such a jacket can be of great use during the wet winter season. But the type of waterproof jacket you buy determines the service you get. Typically, there are two types of water repellant jackets you can buy. You may buy waterproof or water-resistant jackets. Note that the quality of the jackets you buy depends on the repellency level of the material used. But the problem with waterproof jackets is that the more you use them, the more they attract dirt and other contaminants. Dirt and contaminants make the service they offer to deteriorate. Therefore, you must learn how to launder the jacket to make them serve you for a longer period.  

The best way to launder the jacket you need to start by removing the dirt and mud. Pour gentle detergent in the washer and select warm the permanent press cycle on. Rinse the jacket two times and place it in a dry cleaner. If the waterproofing properties have deteriorated, you may need to re-waterproof it.  

Unlike other garments, waterproof jackets are unique and may require some special care. Unfortunately, very few people know how to clean waterproof jackets. Tossing the jacket into a washing machine is not the best way to clean it. Also, using ordinary detergent damages and reduces its performance. Here are the things you need to do when cleaning a waterproof jacket.  

Check the Signs That the Jacket Needs To Be Washed

The following signs will tell you that the jacket needs to be washed

i) Wetting out

When the exterior of the waterproof jackets starts soaking in water, it shows that the water repellent capability of the jacket has been compromised. Therefore, you’ll need to clean and waterproof the jacket. It helps to resolve the problem.

ii) Visible stains and dirt

Spending your time outdoor is fun but could be messy. Your waterproof jacket may easily get soiled and stained. Therefore, you must clean it using mild detergents and waterproof it.

How to Wash and Waterproof the Jacket

Washing a waterproofing jacket is not a difficult task. However, there are steps that you may need to follow if you want to good results. The steps are:

Reading through the manufacturer's instructions- the first thing you should do as soon as you buy a waterproof jacket is to read the tag on how to take care of it. The tag gives instructions on washing, drying, ironing and even bleaching the garment. You need to carefully follow these instructions to reduce the risks of ruining the jacket.

Removing the mad- if there is visible dirt, mud or debris on the outer cover of the jacket, you'll need to remove it first before cleaning. Dirt may damage the surface of the jacket and interfere with the waterproofing properties.

Cleaning it- don't clean the jacket by using powdered detergent. Instead, use gentle liquid detergent to wash it. Powdered detergent contains harsh chemicals that damage the fabric. Use a gentle detergent and set the washer to warm the permanent press cycle.  

Rinsing the jacket- ensure to rinse your waterproof jacket two times before you dry it. Also, don't apply a fabric conditioner. Most conditioners contain harsh chemicals that are likely to damage the fabric.  

Setting the dryer- set the dryer to low heat when drying the jacket. The low heat helps to waterproof the jacket.

Apply the spray- washing and drying alone may not restore the waterproofing properties. As such, it may be necessary that you treat the outer layer to restore the jacket's performance.

Despite taking good care of your jacket, it reaches a point where the jacket starts delaminating. When you notice this, you may just need to buy a new jacket. But if you think you are not taking good care of the jacket on your own, consider hiring a professional. However, ensure that they use environmentally safe products to wash and clean the jacket.

Waterproofing The Jacket

There are cases where a quick wash may restore the waterproofing performance of the jacket. However, when you continue to machine wash it, the waterproofing properties disappear, and quick washing may not help. At this point, you'll need to consider waterproofing the jacket. It introduces an additional reinforcement that protects the jacket and adds breathability. But before waterproofing the jacket, ensure to clean it thoroughly. If you don't clean it properly, dust and residues remain trapped in the fabric, so waterproofing it may not give the desired results.      

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Waterproof Jacket

Taking care of your waterproof jacket comes with plenty of benefits. It guarantees warmth when it gets really cold and ensures that you have a dry outdoor experience. Also, when you take good care of the jacket, it allows it to serve you for a long period.

Final thoughts

Investing in a waterproofing jacket is a must-do thing if you want to keep yourself dry and warm during the wet winter season. But just like any other good investment, you will want your jacket to last and serve you for a longer period. So cleaning and waterproofing it can help to restore its effectiveness. Also, removing the stains, the mad and dry cleaning helps restore its performance.