Buying one down alternative jacket,can save life of 12 ducks

Buying one down alternative jacket,can save life of 12 ducks

There are many stories and beliefs about the environment, especially when obtaining the raw materials to use in manufacturing coats. For instance, it is believed that ducks and geese shed down naturally, so when coat manufacturers use it, they do not harm the environment. Also, it is believed that fur is cultivated artificially, so manufacturers consume it just the same way we consume pork and beef. Therefore when manufacturers extract the raw materials from animals, they believe that it does not affect the environment.

So does it mean that using fur to make coats is unacceptable? Well, ducks and geese will indeed shed feathers at some point. However, such feathers cannot be enough for anyone who wants close-fitting velvet or something soft.

In most cases, the fur we see in coats is only obtained after killing ducks and geese.

What is more annoying is that when manufacturers want bright fur, it can only be obtained from live animals. It subjects these animals to unnecessary torture and cruelty. Therefore, option one kills the animal while the second option subjects the animals to cruelty. As such, when you buy a coat that is filled with 120g of fur, it means that 13 ducks were killed to provide the warmth you enjoy.  Thus, none of the two methods used to obtain fur from animals is acceptable to environmentalists. A gorgeous leather coat must be filled with fur from 60 sables or 25 foxes.

But you can still get the same results without subjecting animals to such torture and cruelty. It is, therefore, necessary to change how human beings relate to the environment. features cotton-made coats which will not just protect you from cold but will also save the environment from unwarranted destruction. Ikazz is aware that the relationship between human beings and the environment is always destructive, so it is committed to ensuring that humans and the environment relate positively. We also know that it takes time for the relationship to improve. As a result, ikazz is committed to taking the necessary action to ensure that human needs are attended to without destroying the environment. It provides warmth and stylish coats to help protect humans from cold without destroying the environment.