What is a real good winter jacket?

What is a real good winter jacket?

"Back to itself, it is a thermal equipment."

Understandably, a piece of winter jacket exists for defending coldness and help people to survive in the long winter season. Since we live in this planet with multilateral climates, and we live at different longitudes and latitudes experience different winter weathers. We seek more function of our coat, waterproof, windproof, and has a strong outer shell as much as possible. What IKAZZ stick with is the nature of a real winter jacket. We seek and create new materials and components to make our products, warmer and resilient. Here comes the point, what materials we have produced for our designed puffer jacket.

It is called THERMOLITE®. (This spent a lot of time and efforts)

IKAZZ is a brand that has been committed to producing and selling winter coats for many years. At the same time, we are committed to constantly improving our products and materials. Therefore, through research, search, comparison, consideration, monitoring and observation, we did found a new excellent material to replace down.

Why we choose this instead of down which common and saves money. Please read below.

"Down is not going to wrap you forever but THERMOLITE® can."

A lot of areas have endless drippy days during winter, I bet it’s much more convenient having a waterproof jacket keeping rain away rather than wearing wet raincoat. What we have done is to reconsider and recollect materials that are resilient in wet condition.

Let’s look the ability of Down first, One ounce of down, for example, has up to 2 million filaments and thus creates a large amount of tiny air pockets which trap body-warmed air. However, if down filaments get exposed to moisture/water, they will absorb it and become heavy and “glue” together. The insulation becomes flat and the air pockets are gone. Distinctly, down are not gonna to embrace our skin and provide warmth in long run. And apparently, a jacket made by down was easily beaten.

On the contrary: The unique hollow fiber structure of THERMOLITE ® FL-1 Polydown that is used to keep fiber intact even under a wet condition. So you will never be afraid of being soppy and trembling.


"Do you realize you paid more?

Because every pain pays."

Down is not a treasure buried in the land, nor an alien species sent from space, we are taking them from animals, living creatures. And we do not fully aware of one important thing, I guess we just ignore it. We are depriving their rights to live while taking their own properties. Every pain pays, so down clothes are much more expensive. Some sellers claim that they use 100% down to make a coat, so market prices of their clothes are exorbitant. Since the content of down is in direct proportion to the price, it is not difficult to see that we actually pay more for wearing down clothing. We made our efforts to search substitution, we have THERMOLITE ® FL-1 Polydown now.

You may wonder why we want to search substitution. We don't just think about the production cost of the product, we think more about the long-term cost of using down and not using down. As I wrote above, down comes from animals, and no matter how much it is, it costs the animal life, so you're paying money to trade in animals. When we use it as a down substitute, it's not the high price of the down jacket that we reduce, it's actually the cost of killing behind the down jacket.

As human beings, we seem to have long stood at the top of the chain of living creatures, to constantly satisfy their own desires, hold the power of life and death of all other animals, even at the very cruel means to skin them cramps.

However, as human beings, we are different from all other animals. We should have basic humanity and compassion, know that any life is worthy of respect, and know how to take protection for those endangered animals. IKAZZ committed to a principle: Respect animals. In other words, we do not use animal-based materials for our winter puffer jackets. Because every life deserves to be respected. If we trample on the lives of other creatures, we humans will only be bitten back and paid more and more.

"We give in a lighter way

We made in a firmer way."


Clothe is like a fort, and fiber is like millions of soldiers. Their Unity and cohesion matter, so the fiber inside clothes can not be easily separated. THERMOLITE ® FL-1 Polydown have a more steady and even structure, its 3D Hollow structure make fibers arranged systematically and distributed evenly, hardly be broken and teared down. Even so, THERMOLITE ® FL-1 Polydown loses so much weight. And at the same weight, it is more puffer than down, it’s lightweight, soft and well performance in keeping warm.


"You can just wear it."

There are so many procedures to make coat, physically, chemically, biologically, how can we assured that the material and processing are totally safe, safe to our body skin. There are certain materials which can make us allergic, wearing clothes is not a burden to body, It‘s a skin protection during chilly days. And IKAZZ knows about that, so we our new buddy THERMOLITE ® FL-1 Polydown will be disfected at many times and our coat are produced in hygienic condition. The whole production process is strictly controlled. And most importantly, because THERMOLITE ® FL-1 Polydown is not come from birds and other feathered animals, there is little chance to have allergy when putting on them.

"Worry less about keeping them."

We clearly have thought about everyone’s concern, how to washing them and keep them. We always have to sent our jackets made from down to dry-cleaning, it probably cost a lot. On top of that, they can not just be folded randomly, they can not basked in the sun, they can not sunk in the water ....But it seems we actually could spend less money and time on clothes keeping.

How to say that? THERMOLITE® FL-1 Polydown is stronger in humid environment because of its superb capability to dry themselves, we made them hate water, and they are also act as a shield, when the rain came from all directions like swords.

We think comfort and beauty can coexist, that’s why we are striving to find new partners, new opportunities, we do not want to claim all natural possessions; we want to create our own warmth, in our strength; we believe that the warmth that will last. Welcome to meet IKAZZ.